This is House Wee. (Like House Stark but less cooler. A million times less.)

Okay…okay…I ripped this concept of Game of Thrones. Or for the book snobs, A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin.  But I’ve always admired the different houses in the different kingdoms. And since so many have come up with spoof GOT-styled sigils and mottos of their own, why shouldn’t i jump on the bandwagon?

Too bad. When I had the idea of coming up with House Wee, I knew it would never be as awesome and badass as House Stark, the greatest house of all in the land of Westeros. You see, each house is represented by a sigil and a manifesto line. House Stark has a direwolf as a sigil - can you really top that one? (House Tully’s sigil is a wimpy fish, for god’s sake!) A direwolf is a cooler, meaner, more monster-y version of a wolf. And the house motto? Clear your throat and say this very slowly in a bass-laden voice - winter is coming. Winter. Is. Coming.

Now let’s talk about my sigil and my one-liner manifesto.This is my Tumblr after all.  It’s not going to be super cool (we’ve already established this)  but it’s going to be so me. So I chose a raccoon as my sigil. It was inspired by the dark circles and the heavy bags under my eyes. Yeah…yeah… I leaned to the obvious for my choice. Someone said I looked like a raccoon and there you go, my sigil is a raccoon. Job done. Easy-peasy. 

Time to move on to the important bit - the motto, the manifesto. The belief that would guide me to become a better person. And stop me from plunging into the abyss of assholism. Again, allow me to rave on about House Stark. The house motto, Winter is Coming, is a sure winner. For me anyway. House Lannister has its chest-thumping ‘Hear Me Roar’ while House Barantheon’s ‘Ours is the Fury’ sounds like a line you’d yell to an army before laying waste to a swath of little huts and innocent villagers.  But Winter is Coming has a different quality to it. Dark and foreboding, it’s also a pretty humble unassuming phrase that calls on you to always be on your toes, anticipate the tough times ahead and rip the obstacles and eat them alive when they arrive at your doorstep.

While, in my head, Winter is Coming is a motto of my very own, I cooked one up for public display. I have chosen to go down the ra-ra, motivational route. Hence, the motto of House Wee is ‘Chin Up’. Hang on a second. On the second thought, it’s ‘The Chin Will Always Be Up’. Which sounds more like a confident statement rather than a call to action. Poetic it is definitely not, but it will do. A part-time pessimist like me needs to clasp bull, oops, an inspirational saying to her bosom to spring out of bed and face the world. 

There you have it. May I present to you ‘House Wee. The Chin Will Always Be Up! But Not So Up You Can See My Nostrils.’ Yes, I added the exclamation point for effect. And the last line to let the world know that I’m a woman of great humility and will not turn my nose up on anything that’s deemed inferior. (Yes, you are worthy enough to be my friend, cockroach on the wall.)

Oh, before I forget…my sigil. A raccoon. Not just any raccoon. I’m picturing the cute one from Pochahontas. Cute and bubbly, that particular raccoon is so not me. Despite the dark circles. But who cares?

p.s.  I almost went with ‘Do or do not. There is no try.’ for my House Wee motto.  But it was taken by that syntax-ruining midget who goes by the name of Yoda. See? Timing is everything.